TDMEA Aims & Objectives

What is the Toronto District Muslim Education Assembly (TDMEA)

The TDMEA is a coalition of Muslim organisations, professionals and concerned parents from across the City of Toronto, representing the interest of Muslim and other under-represented students attending the public school system.

Our Mission

To work in co-operation and partnership with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to address the general and particular concerns and needs of Muslim children as well as other children in Toronto within the TDSB. The objective is to strive to achieve a just and balanced society by properly preparing our children not only to attain academic excellence but also to appreciate the importance and value of moral correctness in order to become responsible and model citizens of the highest calibre.

Our Motto

Sound Education Sound Society

Aims and Objectives

To preserve a strong and sound educational system that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of all students, especially Muslim students attending the public school system.

To establish an educational network of Muslims and concerned non-Muslim organisations, professionals and parents to address the needs of students attending the public school system.

To identify and work to eliminate religious, racial, linguistic, and ethno-cultural barriers at all levels of the public school system.

To play a constructive role in the development and implementation of comprehensive policies and programs of the TDSB as they pertain to the requirements of the Muslim community and the interest of society.

To represent the interests of Muslim students in the public school system with one voice. The object is to provide a concerted, consolidated and effective forum for addressing issues between the School Board and the community through meaningful dialogue and on-going liaison between the TDSB and the local community via the TDMEA.

To act as a vital resource base for the TDSB with the goal of being responsive to the needs and interests of the Board regarding community issues and the well-being of society.