Gay Education in Public Schools

Toronto School Board is poised to adopt Pro-Gay Curriculum

By Joel Winter, TDMEA Representative

Students in the Toronto District School Board soon face the possibility of receiving lessons advocating a homosexual lifestyle. The Toronto Board is currently being railroaded by a number of groups which are pro-homosexual in nature. They are trying to promote an 'equity for all' policy, which promotes homosexuality, and attempts to push gay values on children inside the classroom. The homosexual and pro-homosexual groups seem to be exerting all the pressure they can muster, only because the majority is not aware of what is happening, and 'political correctness' has now become the bandwagon for opportunistic (vote-maximising) politicians. The Toronto District Muslim Education Assembly (TDMEA) warns that the majority of people must begin to be organized and make their voices heard, or else the vocal minority will ultimately succeed in imposing their deviant values on the entire community, by fully utilising the public education system at their disposal. This spectre is of immense concern to all parents, especially members of the Muslim community. The main group in the pro-homosexual effort is one called Multicultural Educators Network of Ontario (AMENO). Presently, no real counter force to AMENO is available. There are only a few concerned groups from the majority of citizens which have become organised in order to provide a counter weight to the pro-gay agenda in public education. The TDMEA is critical of the likely adoption of any policy in the public education system which does not respect and take into consideration the sensitivity of the religious communities. As part of the newly constructed 'Equity Committee', the TDMEA hopes to play a constructive role, and voice its concerns on behalf of the Muslim community in Toronto on the issue of what is morally right not necessarily politically, expedient or opportunistic. Members of the TDMEA stressed that, "Political correctness must be brought in line with moral correctness for it to have any validity in society, that academic excellence alone does not contribute to the realization of a truly civilised and sound society, and that a sound education system is the foundation of attaining correct values and the highest standards becoming of a sound society." Since its involvement in this issue, the TDMEA has come to realise that many Muslims are unaware of the danger and gravity of this situation to introduce homosexual subjects and workshops as integral parts of the public school curriculum. "Islam like all the other major religions are clearly and categorically opposed to the idea of introducing sexual orientation in the public school system", declared members of TDMEA. The TDMEA believes that there is a great deal of deception and masking going on. The term 'sexual orientation' is another convenient mask which is being used as politically correct in order to legalise the homosexual agenda in the public school system. The public has a right to know how the majority of people are being systematically undermined, only because they are either ignorant or not organised, while a tiny vocal minority is now poised to set the agenda for the Toronto public schools. The entire public is urged to contact immediately their local trustees, MPPs, community leaders and religious bodies in order to stop the introduction of pernicious, obscene, unnatural, deviant and immoral conduct in our public school system. All concerned members of the local communities can also contact the TDMEA for more information by telephone: (416) 245-0696; Fax: (416) 744 4360; Email: