Homosexuality and AIDS have been in the media limelight over recent weeks. Hopefully, the following will shed some light on the very serious social problem.

No one has control over how they were born, but everyone must control and be responsible for how they behave. A homosexual is a person who willfully engages in sexual activities with persons of the same sex. Homosexuality is a behavioural anomaly developed through succumbing to unnatural sexual desires and corrupt societal influences, leading to unwise moral choices due to weakness of character and lack of self-discipline. It is a pathological adaptation erroneously called a sexual "orientation."

Homosexuality is not simply an orientation over which a person has no control. It is not innate. It is not normal or natural. Homosexual behaviour, as we know it, does not exist in any other species within the mammalian kingdom. It does not serve any biological or useful physiological function. It is a behavioural disorder like any other addiction such as substance abuse or the numerous sexual fetishes in which homosexuals may or may not indulge, including masochism, sadism, and pedophilia.

Homosexual perverts are 100 times more prone to commit pedophilia than are other perverts: the average age at which homosexuals start having sex is 12.2 years of age (usually with an older man--a pedophile). Statistics supporting those figure were produced by the British Columbia Ministry of Health Survey, 1 July 1991, and Children as Victims of Violent Crime, published by Supply and Services Canada, Cat. 85-002, Ottawa, May1991. Still, society, our politicians, our psychiatrists ( 22% of the American Psychiatric Association), and our legal system have erroneously labeled homosexuality as just another acceptable lifestyle. In reality, the lifestyle is a dangerous and harmful addiction to sexual perversion.

There is a close link between sexually active homosexuals and the spread of AIDS. To protect homosexuals with AIDS from possible public discrimination and keep their lifestyle from becoming a social pariah, homosexual activists and the AIDS establishment have embarked on a systematic disinformation campaign about AIDS and HIV. Since AIDS in North America is basically a homosexual disease, the powerful homosexual lobby decided the rules by which AIDS prevention, reporting and education could be carried out. According to their dictates every logical avenue of AIDS prevention has been closed or ignored for political reasons, leaving the epidemic to take its natural, devastating course.

The following are just some of the restrictions the homosexual lobby groups have placed on AIDS prevention:

Canada Health statistics indicate that homosexual sex is the prime cause of HIV transmission, followed by infections from undetermined sources or causes (four percent). That would indicate that one cannot say with certainty how HIV is NOT transmitted. To state categorically that you can't get HIV from a hug, a kiss, saliva, or getting in the way of someone's sneeze, or from sweat, through body contact on the basketball court, is irresponsible, regardless whether the virus is the cause of AIDS or not.

Scientists don't know the cause of AIDS, but there is growing scientific opinion that, in fact, most of the above statements may well be completely false and misleading, including the now commonly accepted statement that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Over 70,000 scientific papers have been written on the HIV or AIDS virus, as it has been erroneously dubbed, without offering any solid proof that HIV is the cause of AIDS. The scientific establishment has not satisfactorily explained the relationship between HIV and the AIDS disease and at least 40 prominent scientists have argued convincingly against the assumption that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS.

The AIDS establishment has simply assumed, as far back as 1984, that HIV causes AIDS. They are perpetuating a myth by lumping two independent problems into one. They insist that HIV leads to AIDS and that they know how the diseases are transmitted. To substantiate their assumption that HIV causes AIDS, they take an AIDS patient and test for HIV. If the virus is present, they say the patient has AIDS; if the virus is not found ,they call it something else. This is scientific heresy, and there are over 700 reputable scientists who don't agree with this bogus HIV - AIDS "hypothesis" (which could, at best, be considered an illogical assumption). One North American study found that 20% of terminal AIDS cases were HIV negative--in Africa, a survey put that number at 59%. So it would seem that a person can die from AIDS even if there is no trace of the HIV virus. On the other hand, many HIV positive patients never get AIDS (Magic Johnson, for instance).

The knowledge of AIDS and HIV has not advanced substantially over the years due to the original faulty assumptions being doggedly pursued by unscrupulous, self-serving scientists within the AIDS fraternity. Dr. Kary Mullis, bio-chemist and Nobel Prize winner for inventing the "Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Process," used in the analysis and identification of DNA, stated on a TVO "Studio Two" interview just two weeks ago that "there is still no scientific proof today, that HIV is the probable cause of AIDS."

For our public health workers, civil servants, teachers, and AIDS Committee executives to make definitive and categorical statements regarding the contagion of AIDS or HIV, under the circumstances, is conveying false information, which is irresponsible and unconscionable. And the homosexuals' claim that "homosexuality doesn't cause AIDS, a virus does" is an absurd argument: it's like saying guns don't kill, bullets do.

AIDS is a behavioural disease with a behavioural solution. There are many options open that would stop the epidemic dead in its tracks. Discouraging the homosexual lifestyle in our schools, instead of promoting it, would be a good start.

Jann Flury