Date: ___________________________

To: The Principal of ____________________________________ School.

From: ______________________________________ (Parent(s)

Re: Request for Faith Accommodation the Public Schools.


In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, Federal and international instruments, the school board has a responsibility to accommodate all students alike, including the students of faith communities, and cannot impose on them anything that conflicts with their beliefs or contradicts their religious teachings and values.

The Ministry of Education and TDSB’s ‘Human Sexuality’ Agenda conflicts directly with our/my religion, promotes an unsafe environment that puts our/my child(ren) at risk and undermines their morals and values.

We/I understood the so-called human sexuality agenda as a convenient guise and institutional tool for the deliberate and conscious promotion of homosexual, bisexual and morally corrupt lifestyles on our children in the public schools. We/I affirm in the strong-est terms that such peculiarities are not only offensive to our/my faith, but stand in direct contradiction to our/my religious beliefs, values, and practices. We/I therefore request to be informed, in writing, prior to the introduction of any human sexuality curriculum in class(es) that our/my child(ren) are in.

We/I further request that our/my child(ren) be withdrawn from any program, activity, discussion, etc. at all times in all subject areas in the school’s curriculum and support services, directly or indirectly in any shape or form that contradict our/my faith, including but no limited to: literatures, videotapes, plays, guest speakers, books, workshops, counselling, class presentations, and discussions, non-academic posters and postings, referrals, etc. and be provided with proper educational alternatives and adequate supervision.

As Muslim parent(s), we/I reiterate that all matters relating to sex and human sexuality are exclusively determined by our religion and sound health practices and requires our prior consultation by the public school.

Moreover, we/I also request, for review, the daily actual materials being taught to our/my child(ren) in class as they pertain specifically to the Ministry of Education and TDSB’s human sexuality program and other issues sensitive to our religion.

I expect the school to respect and uphold our/my wishes and rights as parent(s) and we/I further hold the school responsible for the safety and well-being of our/my child(ren).

Hoping to hear from you soon.


__________________________________________ (parent(s)