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Number C.03                         Distribution and Display of Materials for
                                               Students and Parents From External Groups

Adoption Date: April 28, 1999

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As a community partner, the Toronto District School Board is committed to supporting the distri-bution and display of communications. This commitment recognizes the Board's responsibility to limit this type of access to students, staff and parents within guiding principles and administrative procedures that support the Board's Mission and Values Statements.

The following guiding principles and policy statements have been developed to ensure that deci-sions reflect the uniqueness of our community:

Guiding Principles
Administrative Procedure
Roles and Responsibilities
Superintendents of Schools

Guiding Principles

  • Materials approved for distribution will be in keeping with the Board's Mission and Values Statements and will not be in contravention of any Board policy.
  • At the school level, the principal will be accountable for the approval process and distribution of materials within the school and school community.
  • Materials must be consistent with the school's goals, objectives and program.
  • Materials will not promote a particular religion or set of beliefs.
  • Materials which are political in nature and/or focus on issues, must inform or educate, create awareness of issues in the community and/or facilitate community discussions. Materials approved for distribution will not promote a specific party, group, person or personal point of view.
  • Electronic communication will be governed by the appropriate Information Technology policies and will be consistent with this policy.
  • Materials distributed to schools through the Board's courier system must comply with the guiding principles of this policy.


Administrative Procedure

The Director, or designate, will administer the policy on Distribution and Display of Materials for Students and Parents From External Groups using the following administrative procedures:

Roles and Responsibilities

A.      Board

Ontario Education Regulation 298, Section 24, states: No advertisement or announcement shall be placed in a school or on school property or distributed or announced to the pupils on school property without the consent of the Board that operates the school except an-nouncement of school activities.

A.1.   Whereby the Board finds specific materials to be objectionable or inappropriate
             the Board, or its designate, reserves the right not to distribute and/or display
             any such materials.


B.      Superintendents of Schools

B.1. The superintendents of schools, upon request of the principal, will participate in the decision-making process, taking into account the Board's Mission and Values Statements, the uniqueness of the community, the school's goals, and the appro-priate regulations.


C.      Principals

C.1. The principal will be responsible and accountable for the approval process and distribution of materials within the school and school community.

C.2. Materials which must be distributed will be accompanied by specific directions in a memorandum from the appropriate department or supervisory officer, and may be limited to specific areas within the Toronto District School Board.

Note: Regulation 298, Section 12 states:The Principal of a school shall provide for the prompt distribution to each member of the School Council any materials received by the Principal from the Ministry that are identified by the Ministry as being:

(a) relevant to the functions of the School Council; and
for distribution to the members of School Councils.

C.3. Principals will establish an in-school procedure for the assessment and for de-termining the suitability of distributing materials that arrive in the school. The scope of options available to them may include distribution, posting, announce-ment, inclusion in a newsletter, referral to the School Council, and making materi-als available in the school office. Recognizing the value of consultation, these procedures will include consultation with the School Council when appropriate.

C.4. Principals will take into consideration the potential impact of distribution of materials on the resources of the school.

C.5. Principals will advise and instruct their staff with regards to these procedures.

C.6. Principals will work with school councils and student councils to develop guidelines for use in the review and assessment of materials sent directly to their or-ganizations. In both cases, the principal will retain responsibility and accountabil-ity for materials approved for distribution to students and parents.

C.7. Where it is unclear whether materials are appropriate for distribution or if a request for distribution raises questions or concerns, the principal will request that the superintendent of schools be involved in the decision.

C.8. Principals will use their discretion, and refer to Ministry of Education and Training Policy/Program Memorandum No. 112, to ensure that materials providing information about community/cultural events are in accordance with the guiding principles of this policy and that the materials do not promote a particular faith group.

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